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Description (Features & Functions):
eLiSBS is an e-Book/e-Learning Materials learning management system.
With this system, students can enjoy Mobile Learning and e-Learning. More than the fundamental functions of the traditional e-Book (i.e.: reading), students can also conduct learning in the following innovative ways:
  • Integrating the multimedia reading materials and the electronic exercises. And all the answers of the completed exercises can be submitted or uploaded to the e-Library (server-side application of eLiSBS) installed in schools or even other organizations (eg: museum)
  • Taking and managing their notes
  • Offline or Online Multimedia Guiding Learning Activities in outdoor
  • 3D Interactive e-Book
  • QR-Code Decoding and Indexing Function
  • Augmented Reality
eLiSBS is a learning management system that can be used in both on-line and off-line mode of learning. It consists of 3 major components: e-Library, e-Schoolbag and e-Book
e-Library: (Sever-sided System):
  • Centralized Management and Storing System for all the multimedia Learning Materials (e-Books and electronic question bank)
    • Can import the e-Book/eLearning Materials produced by publishers, and these e-Books or materials (including the corresponding electronic exercises) can be downloaded by both teachers and students for use
    • With the function of Augmented Reality which provides the capacity for the publishers to produce 3D-Interactive e-Book
    • Teachers can simply create and import their own school-based multimedia e-Book/e-Learning Materials and electronic questions in the e-Library
      • eLiSBS's e-Book format is a kind of free format, so teachers can make their own learning and teaching materials in different file formats (or even a combination of different file formats) with their familiar software. In general, HTML can be used to build webpages or even “web site” of the learning materials, and linked with multimedia and some sorts of worksheets. Finally, by inputting the corresponding questions or exercises in the question bank of the e-Library and a school-based multimedia e-Book is easily created
    • the school-based multimedia e-Book/e-Learning Material with the corresponding set of questions created by schools can simply be exported as a "eLiSBS T/L Package" (Learning and Teaching Package). Then these kinds of "T/L Package" can be imported to other schools' e-Library. As a result, the school-based e-Books can then be exchanged.
  • Centralized Collection and Management System of the Students' Exercise Answers
    • Including the "basic text-based answer" (MC, Matching, Fill-in-the blank and Essay; the first 3 types can be automatic corrected and marked by the system) and "multimedia attachment type question and answer" (eg: Movies, audio files)
    • Teachers can simply mark the students' "submitted" (uploaded) answers and even give them comments. All the correct answers, scores and comments can be easily returned to students for their reference by one fingertip
    • All the submitted answers can be stored and managed in this centralized system, and used to build students' portfolio
    • To collect all the submitted multimedia files (such as photos and mind-maps…) by the students, and then share to the whole class
  • Centralized Question Bank
    • Centralized storing and managing the questions and exercises from publishers, and these kinds of exercises and questions can be downloaded by students into their e-Schoolbags
    • Teachers can simply insert the school-based questions and exercises in the question bank
  • Support our DRM solution, hence protecting the intellectual properties of the authors and publishers of the e-Books


e-Schoolbag (client-sided System)

  • A personal e-Book/e-Learning Materials Learning and Management System for students/users
    • Can be installed in the student's/user's NetBook, Slate, UMPC, Note-Book or Desktop Computer. Can be used to download, store and manage the eLiSBS e-Books
      • Centralize and simplify the operation and management of e-Books from different publishers, schools and even museums
      • Students/users can obtain the e-Books from the e-Library (eg: the e-Book Selling Platform in the internet, museum's e-Library and school's e-Library)
    • Can be used to handle and open the authorized DRM'ed eLiSBS e-Books
    • Personal Electronic Exercise Management System
      • Enable students to complete the exercises and then to store the answers
      • Let students store and manage the "multimedia attachment type answers"
      • "One-press-submit" function to allow students to submit all the answers, including all the "basic text-based answers" and "multimedia attachment type answers" of the selected chapter or the whole e-Book to the e-Library. Then these submitted answers can be marked and commented by teachers
      • Students can obtain (download) the correct answers, scores and even the comments (eg: the oral feedback) of the exercises back from the e-Library, and store inside the e-Schoolbag permanently. These kinds of feedbacks can eventually be used to assist in students' learning and revisions.
  • Providing functionality for students to take and manage their notes
    • Function of inserting notes:
      • Provide functions and capacities for the students to insert notes (by typing, annotating, sketching and even drawing) in the PDF formatted reading materials/e-Books. And this kind of notes can be stored and re-used in the future (the notes are stored separately from the DRM'ed e-Books)
    • Text-to-Speech Function (TTS):
      • Providing TTS for PDF and HTML formatted materials.  
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • 您的瀏覽器可能無法支援顯示此圖片。 With the AR technology, different kinds of 3D models can be inserted into the eLiSBS e-Books. Students can observe and interact with the 3D models, such as a heart or an animal that is hardly be reached in the daily life, in different angles and distance. More importantly, students can learn in a ways that allowing more interactions and involvements than the traditional ways
    • No doubt about that eLiSBS e-Books can become a "3D Interactive e-Books" with high learning efficiency and motivation
  • QR-Code Decoding and Indexing
    • Embedded function in the e-Schoolbag to help students to decode the QR-codes printed in the learning materials (eg: Textbooks, newspapers). In most cases, the contents indicated by the QR-code are some sorts of links or URLs to the corresponding multimedia learning materials. After decoding, the system will open such multimedia learning materials and let students to browse of.
    • It also provides the capacity for the museums and exhibition centres to provide "Multimedia Guiding" for visitors, and such methodology is called "QR-code Positioning Multimedia Guiding"
  • Providing the capacity for students/users to connect to different e-Libraries in different organizations
    • Enable students/users to obtain multimedia learning materials from different schools, museums and other organizations. Also, allow them to download or purchase e-Books, movies, music and even games from the on-line platforms
  • Support our DRM solution, hence to protect the intellectual properties
    • Can be the reader of the DRM'ed multimedia (eg.: Movies, music)


  • a Real "Multimedia e-Book"
    • can integrate different file formats and medias into a single e-Book
      • All the file formats are supported, such as PDF, HTML (even a web site with multi-frames) , flash, image, movie, audio and others
  • Free Formatted e-Book
    • Providing large flexibility that better meets the needs of both learning and teaching
    • Providing a capacity for the teachers to prepare teaching materials much more easily
    • Providing electronic exercises as revision assessments for students
    • Providing large variety and high interactivity
  • Including electronic exercise /questions
    • Basic Text-based? (can be automatic corrected and marked by the e-Library)
    • Multimedia Attachment typed (Answer can be a movie, photo, audio, Journal, Excel…, etc.)
  • 3D-Interactive e-Book
    • With the technology of Augmented Reality, eLiSBS e-Books can become a "3D Interactive e-Books" with high learning efficiency and motivation
  • e-Books/ e-Learning Materials can be edited by publishers. Also, this system also provide the capacity for the teachers to create their own school-based e-Books in the easiest way


Integrated DRM Solution

  • Regarding all elements inside the same e-Book as a whole to conduct the DRM process (eg.: in one eLiSBS e-Book, there is e-Reading Materials, Exercises and 3D models)
  • The whole solution, including the DRM algorithm and the operating model, is "R & D" by us
    • to provide the best tailored protection for the eLiSBS e-Books
    • whenever the eLiSBS e-Books are downloaded to the e-Schoolbag (even when downloading from the online selling platforms to the schools' e-Libraries), the real-time DRM process will be triggered to give the e-Books the best protection
  • A safe and reliable DRM solution:
    • all copyrighted items(e-Books) will be protected by providing a special encryption algorithm
    • Only the computer of the users with the rights (authorities) to use the e-Books can "decrypted" and browse the contents correctly:
      • There is an unique "Encryption Key" for each computer (in the real situation, our DRM process is much more complicated than just encryption). This "Encryption Key" is "computed" by a set of unique ID's of different hardware components inside the computer itself. Then the unique "Key" of the e-Schoolbag is used to DRM the e-Books during downloading
      • Whenever the DRM’ed eLiSBS e-Book is opened within the authorized computer using the e-Schoolbag, it will be "temporarily decrypted internally". As a result, the user can browse all the elements (including the e-Reading materials, exercises and etc.) by using the e-Schoolbag. However, no cached or temporary files of the "decrypted" eLiSBS e-Book can be found on the computer. As a result, the copyrights of the authors and publishers can be strongly protected.
The whole integrated DRM solution can be applied to the publishing and selling of movies and music