(Download of the Leaflet about eLiSBS)


eLiSBS (e-Library, e-Schoolbag and e-Book System) is a learning management system, which can be used in both on-line and off-line mode of learning. It consists of 3 major components:
  • e-Library
  • e-Schoolbag
  • e-Book
It provides an innovative e-Book standard -- Real Multimedia eBook format (this format is designed by us. HTML, PDF, flash, MS-Office and all the other kind of file formats can also be embedded into this new eBook format.), and also with more functionalities and interactivitys.
Our innovative eBook format is not only the pure electronic reading materials (traditional eBook), but we also embedded the electronic exercise or electronic question bank into it, and regards these two elements (reading materials and the exercises) as a whole. Besides, we embedded the technology of Augmented Reality into eLiSBS, so that it provides the capacity for the authors or publishers to inserts the elements of AR and 3D models into their own eBooks and such kind of eBooks are called "3D Interactive eBooks".
Besides, the new eBook format and the e-Reader (e-Schoolbag), a new server-sided system, called e-Library is developed. e-Library is designed to manage the eBook (inside the server), question bank and students' answers, and with other functions to enhance learning. In other words, it is an integrated Learning Management System.
Moreover, we design our own DRM algorithm and solution for eLiSBS in order to protect the intellectual properties of the authors and publishers, and hence to provide a complete eBook solution.
Furthermore, eLiSBS can provide both "On-line" (Pure Connection Mode of Mobile Learning , ) and "Off-line"(Pure Mobility Mode of Mobile Learning2, ) modes of Mobile Learning. Therefore, eLiSBS can be applied in any environment (eg: no matter the quality of the network environment, or even no network at all). Therefore, eLiSBS can provide a high stability and totally free style of learning. In conclusion, eLiSBS is a complete integrated learning solution, and it does really satisfy the nowadays needs of learning and enhance the education quality for students.
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Aug 11, 2010, 7:24 PM